The highly skilled and experienced live-in carers we know are hand picked to deliver the highest quality of care, specific to the needs of our clients. We also try incredibly hard to match people according to shared interests and compatible personalities.  We have former district nurses, palliative care nurses, intensive care nurses, carers highly trained in dementia care, end of life care and also untrained but lovely warm people who provide companionship, cook lunch or take people on outings.

Here is a selection of some of our Heartfelt Home Care team...

Marlene Viero

Needing a change of life after 13 years of running my own picture-framing business, I plucked up the courage and left South Africa to do a training course in caring - and I’ve never looked back!

I have been caring for the last four years and have been incredibly blessed by each person who has crossed my path. I’ve made wonderful, supportive friends along the way and I’ve learned a great deal about myself, and the English lifestyle.

I love the honesty and humour of people struggling with old age and illness, and I’m honoured that I can be supportive in their struggles. I’m patient and kind, compassionate and loving. To be part of Heartfelt is also an honour, where respect and compassion is the order of the day.


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Christian Grutzmacher

I grew up in Berlin and spent about 10 years working as a live-in carer with special needs clients of all ages, and then about another 10 years in crafts - mainly gardening, woodwork and shoemaking.

I now have 18 months of experience in elderly care as a Heartfelt Carer. This has given me additional experience in dementia care as well as many other aspects of personal care. I enjoy supporting clients with their daily dietary, medical, social and indeed all individual needs there may be.  

Apart from working with  clients introduced by Heartfelt Home Care I also work as gardener and honey bee practitioner (bee-observatory.org), as well as enjoying living in Stroud with my family.


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Laura Cammish

Whether it has been for my family or working as a volunteer, much of my life has been about caring for others, so it came as a natural progression for me to become a carer in a professional capacity, adding to my already rich and varied working experiences.

I enjoy enabling someone to live fully in their own home as well as remain engaged socially and in their community.  It feels like a natural necessity for me to provide good food, companionship and assistance with everyday life, and to encourage the interests of the people I work with. If my own interests, which include gardening, nature and health, can match and support my clients, then the relationship can be very joyful for both of us.

Although I have worked with other agencies and also privately as a carer, it is with Heartfelt Home Care that I have felt the most fulfilled.  Joanna and Jane make care personal in the most professional way. They make sure we are introduced to our clients with thorough relevant details and information.  I feel well supported and understood as a carer, which enhances my ability to bring more of my own heart-felt qualities to this work.


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Zsuzsa Foldes

To help, connect and understand people with a compassionate approach is what motivates me as a carer. I started to work with elderly people in 2012 in a retirement home in Hungary, since then I’ve provided care services for people with learning disabilities in Estonia, and children with attention problems in Finland, working as a music therapist intern. I now work as a live-in carer, and have been since January 2017 in the UK. At the same time I’m finishing my music therapy studies.

Working with people with varying cultural backgrounds, and with different physical and cognitive impairments is a truly valuable experience for me as a would-be therapist. And I always strive to find the best possible way of helping my clients, and to create a confidential and happy collaboration.

I truly enjoy liasing with Joanna and Heartfelt Home Care.  They are supportive, professional, and I know I can openly discuss anything with them. There is a mutual trust and respect towards each other, and their effort to make both the clients and carers happy is what makes them special. 



Wilma O’Sullivan

I have been a live in carer since 2015 and love working with Heartfelt Home Care.   This agency shares my values and my ethics, supporting me to work with empathy and from the heart with my clients. 


As a carer I feel supported and valued by Heartfelt - we have laughed together and also shared hard times and cried together. I want my clients to feel the same support and empathy from me that I feel from Heartfelt.  Most of all I want my clients to feel loved, respected and supported by me, to retain as much independence as possible. 


Working with my clients and being part of Heartfelt Home Care feels like extended family.



Barbara Sawyer

I am a South African, who has been caring in the UK since 2005. I have worked through agencies, and private employers, and cared for a variety of clients - from companionship to palliative care, including all stages and types of dementia.


Giving 100% to my work, I believe that love, a good sense of humour and a ‘can do’ attitude, can help us overcome most challenges.


I have the utmost respect for my clients, their families and their homes. I always love working long shifts as this helps me to develop a deeper understanding of the clients, and creates a sense of reassurance and trust with both the clients and their families.  


Barbara Sawyer photo.jpg

Frances Lewis

I have had many caring roles in my life, including being a mum and a grandmother, working with under 5's when my children were young and teaching Yoga for many years.

I have been doing Live in Care work since spring 2017 and have had some experience of looking after people with dementia, as well as some end of life care. I feel very touched and hounoured to be invited in by the families I have worked with. I bring a calm, practical presence to my work. I value dignity in care, I am kind and caring and value the simple things in life such as delicious wholesome food, kind companionship, respect and good communication.



Hillary Peaston

Becoming a Carer seemed like a natural thing to do. I have a disabled sister who has taught me many valuable lessons in life & a mom who was paralysed in her left side for most of her life - so dealing with frailty and physical challenge was has always been familiar and comfortable to me.

I’ve always had an affinity & special understanding of older folk and I love the time I spend with my clients.  Longer stay care is my preference as it gives me the chance to really get to know by clients and for them to relax and settle into a relationship of trust and respect.


Joining Heartfelt Home Care in 2017 was a life changing experience. Joanna has the natural ability to calm & understand every situation.  She truly cares about her amazing clients and most of all about her carers too. She hand picks and carefully matches us.  She is always available for a chat, a hug, reassurance & guidance.  Being so far away from home this is tremendously reassuring.

Guaranteed - when you call Heartfelt Home Care you will get cheerfulness warmth & care from Joanna or Jane.


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Charlie Levinson

I have spent the last 20 years supporting vulnerable people. I was initially drawn into working with people with learning disabilities through my interest in art and running art workshops with them. I have had a varied career in the Social Care sector, from Support Worker to Activity Provider, PCP (Person Centred Planning) Facilitator, Freelance Trainer to Director of a software company/ founder of a secure social network for vulnerable people. I have worked with children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental health issues, as well as people with dementia and those in their end of life care. I most enjoy working with people directly, serving and helping them to flourish and grow through agencies, and private employers, and cared for a variety of clients - from companionship to palliative care, including all stages and types of dementia.


Charlie Levinson.jpg

Cecile Price


I moved to the UK in 2017 and started care work, having run my own business in the hospitality industry for many years.


I have learnt so much about myself and how important it is to not be self centered as it’s no longer just about me. My clients are of paramount importance, which is not only fulfilling but has given me a renewed sense of purpose.  My intuition has become finely tuned and I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to instinctively know what my clients may need.  I am organised and efficient, I love people and will always give the best of myself.  For me it is a privilege to help people with care at home.


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Lynne Ross

My caring journey began when I cared for my husband through the final 2 years of his incurable disease. I discovered that as challenging as it can be, supporting another through these unchartered waters is an equally uplifting experience as you share this extraordinary stage of life with the person for whom you are caring.

What a privilege it is to be there for another person when they are vulnerable and in need of your support to assist in maintaining their independence and always, always ensuring dignity and respect. Then also, the magic potion . . . laughter!!!!!


We know life can be very tough at times but to share a belly aching laugh now and then is as good as any medication!!


Through Heartfelt Home Care, I have met and cared for some of the most amazing people and I'll always be indebted to Heartfelt for the wonderful support they offer their carers.


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This is a small selection of  the carers on our Heartfelt Home Care books. If you would like details of others, then please just get in touch